Social Service Organizations

Your social service agency is one of the many that allow us to care for the causes we treasure, whether it’s children, the aged, the challenged...the needs are legion and the services provided are critical to our society's well-being.

And because your work is so important  you should plan and protect your agency’s assets at all times...even in the midst of loss, financial challenges, personnel issues and just plain change.

We can help you customize your insurance and risk management plan to consider and protect you in the face of

  • professional liability issues
  • Indemnity requirements of funders
  • accident coverage for participants and volunteers
  • business interruption - keep the services flowing in the event of a loss
  • employees driving their own cars on agency business
  • key employee coverage
  • security breach coverage to protect client personal data
  • ...or simply protecting the contents of your offices when a storm brings a tree through the roof

You play a very critical role in making our communities work. Call us, let us meet with you and see if we can help you keep your agency running at top effectiveness, despite the physical and legal challenges our current culture may put in your way.

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