Houses of Worship

Today's Houses of Worship require care and attention to myriad potential challenges where insurance can help plan, protect and ensure a stable future. Faith communities, worshipping in historic structures, serving communities, reaching across borders and lifting up those in need, all want to be certain they can be there tomorrow.

Suydam works with Houses of Worship to plan and protect, whether its:

  • youth groups on a trip to Appalachia
  • a state grant requiring insurance to protect myriad state agency
  • a precious sanctuary with historic stained glass windows
  • a nursery school/day care center that fills the building with giggles and obligations
  • a 100 year old slate roof in the shade of magnificent oak trees
  • an employee who brings a discrimination charge
  • ...or simply a fellowship hall with a sump pump that may be at risk in a nor 'easter.

We want to help you see ahead, plan for contingencies and use insurance where it makes sense.  Let's meet and talk about your House of Worship. We'd like to be part of the plan that lets you thrive.

Insurance Industry Definition: 

Insurance for churches, synagogues, temples, houses of worship, houses of prayer, cathedrals, mosques, religious institutions, religious organizations.

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