Equine Liability

As you know, horses are very unpredictable and accidents can happen even in the safest environment.  So you should always be concerned about your animal's reactions.  If the general public comes onto your farm; customers leave their animals in your care; or if you run a horse-related business such as boarding stables, breeding farms, trainers and sales barns, then you should consider Equine Liability insurance.  

And whether you have many customers or just a single client, you need liability coverage.  It only takes one client to sue you and the cost of a lawsuit could reach in the tens of thousands of dollars.  So, why jeopardize your assets?  If you are sued and the claim is covered by your insurance policy, your insurer will manage your defense and pay legal fees and court costs. Your insurance will also cover the cost of any judgment issued against in a lawsuit--up to the limits of your policy.

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