Bio/Med Technology Insurance

The future is now.  And our role is to keep you moving forward - with advice, planning and protection that allows your business to thrive in the fast-paced and competitive realities of your industry.

Whether you need to:

  • protect your intellectual property - or protect you when you inadvertantly step on others'
  • meet the insurance and indemnification requirements of large corporations as you enter into new contracts
  • set up procedures and insurance to be there in the event of an employee claiming discrimination or wrongful discharge
  • make sure there is coverage if there is a claim against you for denial of service or transmitting a worm or virus
  • protect your business income in the event of a cyber liability claim
  • plan for the overseas office and/or business trips that bring new exposures
  • ....or simply protect those laptops and the data in them in during the course of every-day business.

From A to Z - from your autos to your zealous new salesman, promising the moon, we partner with you to help build and protect your success. Physical and legal challenges are our reality.

Call Suydam, let's meet and discuss your plans, your dreams and how we can help assure you're there to walk into them.

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