Special Event Insurance

Suydam can help make sure the event you worked so hard to plan goes as smoothly as possible!

Solutions for: Fun raising events, birthday celebrations, community events – etc! 

You are hosting a 5k at your local park in hopes of raising money for breast cancer. It is the day of the run/walk and people are flooding into the park to particiate and also support. The day moves along smoothly until a woman that came to cheer on her best friend trips and falls on a branch by the trail. The fall results in a broken ankle. A couple of weeks later, a letter is presented to you that the woman filed for a law suit because of her medical bills that arose from the broken ankle. All you were trying to do was something good for the community…who is going to pay for your defense cost in the lawsuit? You call your insurance agent and he informs you that defense cost are covered under the special event policy that you purchased before the event. He assures you there is no need to worry.

There are many aspects you need to plan when hosting an event. Insurance normally is not considered or prioritized. Suydam is here to make that part easy for you. Get a quote or buy the coverage right here! Premiums are lower than you think, and come with a piece of mind. USLI (US Liability Insurance Company) has a cost effective policy just for you! Use this simple on line application to quote or ‘quote and bind’ coverage. Please don't hestiate to pick up the phone and call us at (732) 846-6200 to ask any questions you may have.

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