Health Insurance

Individuals and Families

Individual Health Insurance is designed to provide medical and hospitalization coverage for individuals and families. In New Jersey individual and family coverage is available from several large health insurance companies, offering several different plans designed by the state so that the plans are the same across all companies.

In New Jersey, the plans vary by deductibles, co-insurance, and in and out of network options. Pre-existing conditions are generally covered if the applicant has had prior coverage for the condition.

The plans currently available will be changing under the 2014 Affordable Care Act. It is important to stay abreast of what new plans will be available. 

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Insurance Industry Definition: 

A broad term describing protection from loss due to illness or injury, resulting in loss of life, loss of earnings, or expenses incurred. Within the broad area of health insurance, there are several major coverages which focus on more specific needs, for example, accident insurance, disability income insurance, hospitalization insurance, and sickness insurance.

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