Mildew or Mold on your Roof? On your siding?

Black streaks? Maybe a green hue?

It’s that time of year when we all get outside and get a good look at the state of things in our gardens, with our houses, after the winter’s passed. Have you taken a good look? Well, my window washers did – and low and behold we have mildew on the north side of the Wagon House here at Suydam Farms.

How about at your place - please do take a look! Your insurance company wants you to – and they will be keeping an eye on it too!

Siding: refer to this handle article for tips on how to clean and maintain all kinds of siding. You don’t want the siding to fail and moisture to get into your home or building. Remember, mold and fungi are excluded on a homeowners policy, unless they develop as a result of a covered peril – ex: water from a fire hose after a house fire or a burst pipe. ‘Wear and Tear’ is another standard exclusion, so the onus is on you to keep the siding in good repair.

Roof: Have you looked at a portion of your roof, especially on the north side of your home or under heavy shade, and found a tinge of green across shingles? Or do you have black streaks coming down the roof? Well, if you have seen either of these, take note: 1) both are a sign of weakening of the shingles and their ability to protect your home;  2) they shorten the life of your roof;  3) your homeowners insurance company and, if applicable, your homeowners association are watching, for those very reasons.

Look into cleaning your roof. You may be required to do so by your homeowners association.

Why? Both conditions are a form of mold. Mold can weaken the roof, make its way into your home and introduce bacteria into your home. Roof stains can affect your energy costs. There are products that can safely be used by professionals to clean roof algae and remove the stains. Check with your window washing contractor; if you’re in a condo or homeowners association, check with your property management folks.  We encourage you to use a professional – it’s just too tricky to try to do roof work yourself.

Then – step back and enjoy the look of a clean roof, the curb appeal (important if you’re planning on selling your home) and the knowledge that you’ve taken important steps to protect your home and your loved ones.

If someone from our office should contact you, advising that your insurance company wants you to clean or repair your siding or roof, please know that they want to reduce the chance of you having a loss. We can help you work with the insurance company, plan the timing so you can get proposals and choose the right solution for you.

So now, here at Suydam Farms, we’re getting the north side of our Wagon House roof cleaned – and along the way we’ve found it on 2 other buildings. In a week or so, all 3 will be done. Cleaned – ready for Spring!

Remember….it’s always cheaper before the loss. Call us with any questions. We’d like to know what you think.



Robin Suydam

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